Project Cornelia

is a hybrid research engine bridging art history and computer science. We study 17th-century Flemish tapestry and painting by using and developing datasets, data retrieval tools and data visualization tools. In doing so, we also try to understand and facilitate the dialog between the humanities scholar and the computer.

You can explore our activities and output on this page or by using the Filters tab. You can also jump directly to our live tools.



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May 2020



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Dec 2019


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Nov 2019


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Aug 2019


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May 2019


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Feb 2019


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Feb 2019



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Nov 2018


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Oct 2018


Bruno Cardoso releases KUbism demo

Sep 2018


K. Brosens, K. Alen and A. Slegten ‘Claiming Commerce, Quality and Credit: Raisons d’être of the Antwerp and Brussels tapissierspanden (Sixteenth–Eighteenth Centuries)’. Textile History 49 (2018), pp. 5-21. PDF icon

Mar 2018



Cornelia welcomes 10.000th Actor

Nov 2017


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Sep 2017


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Jul 2017


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May 2017


Klara Alen presents her PhD dissertation on networks in 17th-century Antwerp tapestry worlds (26 April)

Apr 2017



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Sep 2016


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Apr 2016


Cornelia welcomes 4000th actor

Feb 2016



K. Brosens ‘Les manufactures royales et la loi du marché. La tapisserie à Paris et à Beauvais’. Revue de l’Art 190 (2015), pp. 29–38. PDF icon

Dec 2015


Cornelia welcomes 3000th actor

Sep 2015


A. Slegten and K. Brosens ‘Searching for Emotions. Brussels Painter Maximiliaan de Hase (1713–1780), Brussels Tapestry Producer Daniel Leyniers (1705–1770) and the Early Loss of Children’. in H. Magnus and K. Van der Stighelen (eds.), Facts and Feelings. Retracing Emotions of Artists, 1600–1800, Turnhout (Brepols), 2015, pp. 61–74.

Jun 2015



The database is dubbed 'Cornelia'

Dec 2014


K. Brosens and G. Delmarcel ‘Raphael’s Acts of the Apostles, Italian officers of the Habsburg monarchy and the Leyniers tapestry workshop, 1725–1755’. The Burlington Magazine 156 (June 2014), pp. 376–381. PDF icon

Jun 2014


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Feb 2014



The 'MapTap' team starts to collect and model archival data on 17th-century Antwerp and Brussels tapestry producers and their families. The database is developed in Microsoft Access.

Jan 2013



K. Brosens ‘Can tapestry research benefit from economic sociology and Social Network Analysis?’. in K. Brosens, K. Van der Stighelen and L. Kelchtermans (eds.), Family Ties. Art Production and Kinship Patterns in the Early Modern Low Countries, Turnhout (Brepols), 2012, pp. 43–51.

Apr 2012